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Kim Speaks Out on Anti-Asian Hate with ESPN

By Andrew Gauthier
April, 9 2021
Chloe Kim
U.S. Snowboard Pro Team member and Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim at the 2021 Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix snowboard halfpipe finals in Aspen, Colo. (@ussnowboardteam - @markclavin)

On April 1, Olympic gold medalist and back-to-back FIS World Champion Chloe Kim shared her experiences with anti-Asian hate for the first time in an interview with ESPN’s Alyssa Roenigk. Kim shares heart-wrenching experiences of recent attacks and hateful social media messages that have taken a toll on her mental health. Unfortunately for Kim, these encounters are nothing new. Kim has been subject to her share of racism since she was only 13-years-old. Kim’s story is an important reminder of the power that words carry, "Even if you get thousands of supportive messages, the hateful one will hit you the most,” Kim noted.

On April 9, Kim expanded on her story, this time reflecting on why she decided to speak out. Although she was nervous to share her experiences with racism, she believes it’s more important than ever to be part of the conversation, and let others know that they are not alone. 

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