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Eric Loughran headshot image

Eric Loughran
2018 Olympian

Park City, Utah
Pelham, N.H.
170 lbs
U.S. Aerials Team

Once Eric Loughran learned aerials would allow him to do as many inverted back flips on skis as he wanted, he was sold. He's seen success with consistent results on the World Cup tour, his first World Championships appearance in 2017 and his first Olympic appearance in 2018.

Loughran's parents were forced to teach him how to ski at the age of two after they caught him trying to teach himself by using his big sister’s skis. It was evident that he would develop a passion for the sport. At a young age, he found my love for jumps to the extent where his parents couldn’t keep up and they felt the need to place him on the Loon Mountain Freestyle Team. As Loughran grew up, he was eager to try excelled tricks and decided to put his gymnastics training together with skiing and began to throw back flips on snow. The next day his mom signed him up for summer water ramping camp in Lake Placid, NY to practice back flips safely under the coaching of Wes Preston. After the Lake Placid, Loughran joined the Waterville Freestyle Team at Waterville Valley for a short period, which then led him to the Elite Aerial Development Program in Lake Placid, NY and the U.S. Ski Team. 

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Team Info

  • Loon Mountain Freestyle
  • 2018 Pyeongchang
  • Years on Team: 5


Teams: 2018
25th, PyeongChang, KOR, 2018

Teams: 2017, 2019

11 career top-10 finishes
Best finish: 3rd, Shimao Lotus Mountain, CHN, 2019