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Welcome to the 2023-24 Intents Section

This section allows Athlete Representatives to intend U.S. Ski & Snowboard alpine athletes for NorAm, FISU, Nationals, Regional USA FIS races, Canadian FIS Races, and non-Europa Cup International FIS races.

SafeSport policies require only registered U.S. Ski & Snowboard coaches who have passed a criminal background screening and are current in SafeSport education are eligible to manage U.S. athletes. To register as a U.S. Ski & Snowboard coach, please visit our membership page.  Additionally, please complete the Coaches Registration Form with your updated contact information for season 2023-24, in case we need to contact you.

FOR THE 2023-24 SEASON:  

1.  Intents will open the first of the month preceding the race.
      (ie:  Nov 1 for all races in December.)
2.  Deadline to intend is 21 days before the first Team Captains meeting of the series.
3.  Confirmations are due 16 days prior to the TC meeting via the confirmation board.

When entering a foreign athlete in a U.S. FIS race, please check the link below to see if your athlete has a letter of authorization on file from their NGB. If your athlete's travel authorization is not on file, please have the athlete's federation send a copy to Chip Knight and a copy to your regional manager. Foreign athletes must be entered directly with the race organizers, and not on this intent site.

Athletes who have foreign travel authorization letters on file with U.S. Ski & Snowboard

Individual foreign travel authorization letters received by U.S. Ski & Snowboard

2023-24 U18 (YOB 2006 and 2007) FIS Start Limits

U18 athletes are limited in the number of SL/GS starts they can complete in competitions. First year U18 athletes have a maximum of 30 total starts in the technical events.  Second year U18 athletes are allowed a maximum of 35 total starts.  There is no limit to participation in the speed events of DH, SG, and AC.

US National Championship, U18 Championship, World Junior Championship, and Youth Olympic Games starts shall not count. 

You can find a listing of start counts by athletes on this page which will be updated regularly.

It is the responsibility of every athlete and coach to watch their start counts.

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