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Athlete Career & Education

Athlete Career & Education

Supporting whole athlete development to enhance athletic performance, increase longevity in sport, initiate career pivot, and cultivate an enduring connection to U.S. Ski & Snowboard.
    The following services and resources are available to all national team level athletes:

    Athlete Funding

    • Bob Beattie Travel Fund (funded by the Marolt Athlete Endowment) - need-based annual grant offsets team costs
    • T2 Foundation - grant/scholarship support
    • Athlete Funding Workshop – fundraising guidance
    • Fundraising Plan
    • RallyMe crowdfunding
    • Local housing assistance
    • USOC Legacy Grant


    • Academic planning, advising, proctoring, and tutoring - high school and college level
    • Westminster College/USSA Tuition Grant
    • U.S. Ski & Snowboard Tuition Reimbursement - up to $6,000 for college tuition annually per athlete
    • USOC Tuition Grant
    • Education Plan


    • Career Development & Life Skills Workshop
    • Internships/employment opportunities
    • Mentoring: networking, resume and interview preparation
    • Public speaking skills
    • Financial education – Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment
    • Career Plan
    • Career and Transition Support – USOC (Pivot Workshop)
    • USOC Athlete Network
    ACE Contacts:

    Julie Glusker (435) 714-8581
    Joe Rhodes (435) 602-9698