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Isabella Wright headshot image

Isabella Wright

  • Hometown
    Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Team
    Alpine B
  • Years on Team
    2 (since 2021)
  • Born
  • Club(s)
    Snowbird Sports Education Foundation
  • School:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

"My goals for the upcoming season are to consistently be in the WC points for both DH & SG and climb the ranks, and to compete at WC Finals."

6 Things You Didn't Know About Isabella Wright

  • 1. Three things Bella wants the world to know: I am a born and raised vegan which naturally makes me a HUGE animal lover, I want to attend Culinary School one day, and I own every Clint Eastwood film and collect all things Clint Eastwood!
  • 2. Favorite athletes: Bode Miller (he's an individual with a lot of vision), Rafael Nadal (plays with grace and a greats sportsman), and Leticia Bufoni (she's fearless and works her butt off)
  • 3. When Bella isn't skiing, she's doing anything else outside (dirt-biking, hiking, cliff jumping, frolf). "I love to cook, I love to do anything with art (painting, photography), I love to skateboard, and spend time with my niece Stella and family."
  • 4. She's TRYING to learn German, but she has a passion for French.
  • 5. Bella's involved with the Fiercely Female Foundation, SBSEF, and Nuzzles, and Co. "I love being a part of these because they represent strong individuals, athletes, and community. I love being a part of Nuzzles and Co. because I have personally adopted animals from them and I love that they are so passionate about animals!"
  • 6. Her future career ambitions are to compete in World Championships, the Olympics, and push the limits of women's ski racing.

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