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2019 World Champs

Nomination & Governance Committee

The  Nomination and Governance Committee is comprised of five (5) members of the Board, representing a cross-section of backgrounds, selected by the Board Chair, and includes at least two eligible athlete representative, selected by the Athletes’ Council.

The Nomination and Governance Committee reviews each nominee to the Board to determine his/her/their ability to provide effective representation and leadership on the Board, including such things as whether such nominee appears to maintain as a principal focus the well-being of  U.S. Ski & Snowboard generally rather than any particular interest or issue; and whether he/she/they possesses the requisite understanding of his/her/their particular discipline, competitive skiing and snowboarding generally, corporate operations or other matters necessary to provide effective representation on the Board.

The Nomination and Governance Committee may also be used to assist the Board in appointing any committees created by the Board or which it is required to fill under the bylaws.

For each nomination it considers, the Nomination and Governance Committee forwards to the Board a recommendation that the nomination either be accepted or rejected, along with an explanation for its recommendation.

The Nomination and Governance Committee, at the request of the Chair, works with the President and CEO to develop and implement an appropriate orientation program for new Directors and continuing education of existing Directors.

At the request of the Chair, the Nomination and Governance Committee reviews from time to time the governance structures of  U.S. Ski & Snowboard and proposes any changes which may be necessary and/or desirable.

The Nomination and Governance Committee is a permanent standing committee.

Liz Arky, Co-Chair

Steve Strandberg, Co-Chair

Dune Thorne

Tom Wallisch, Athlete Representative

Troy Murphy, Athlete Representative


Sophie Goldschmidt, President & CEO

Kipp Nelson, Chairman of the Board

Alison Pitt, General Counsel, Staff Liaison

- Revised 08/31/2022