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Marolt Athlete Endowment

Marolt Athlete Endowment

The Marolt Athlete Endowment campaign is a $50 million fundraising effort in support of our athletes' most pressing needs on and off the hill. We are focused on building four endowed funds in support of athlete travel expenses, a best in the world coaching program, college tuition and career and life skills services. Guided by our vision, mission and strategic goals, we are dedicated to developing the whole athlete. 


Athletic Priorities - $40,000,000

$20,000,000 - Bob Beattie Athlete Travel Fund - Provides needs-based grant support for B, C and D team fees and travel expenses.

$20,000,000 - Elite Coaching - Competitive salaries, continuing education and to ensure ongoing support.

Athlete Career & Education Priorities - $10,000,000

$5,000,000 - Borgen Swartz Education Fund - Provided needs-based college tuition reimbursement for current and retired athletes.

$5,000,000 - Provides funds to support athletes through career development and life skills services/workshops, including networking and mentoring; internship and employment guidance; public speaking and presentation training; job search, resume and interview guidance; financial education; and transition support.