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Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix Kicks Off at Mammoth

By Andrew Gauthier
January, 29 2020
Dusty Rainbow Rail
Dusty Henricksen at training during the 2020 Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix at Mammoth Mountain, Calif. (FIS Snowboard - Buchholz)

Freeskiers and snowboarders from across the globe have arrived at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in California’s Eastern Sierra for slopestyle and halfpipe competition at the Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix. Holding home-court advantage, 39 freeskiers and 37 snowboarders will represent the United States in FIS World Cup competition. 

U.S. Freeski Pro Team member Kiernan Fagan is psyched to compete after earning third-place at last year’s event.

“I’m hyped to be heading back to Mammoth this year,” he said. “It definitely would be sick to get another podium at this event and hopefully improve on my result from last year. I’m looking forward to the competition."

Joining Kiernan from the U.S. Freeski Slopestyle Pro Team is Willie Borm, Nick Goepper, Kiernan Fagan, Alex Hall, and Colby Stevenson. Colby had a dominant performance last week to become the first X Games rookie to win gold in freeski slopestyle at X Games Aspen. This was Colby’s second gold medal of the week after winning the inaugural ski knuckle huck event. 

For the women, U.S. Freeski Pro Slopestyle Team’s own Caroline Claire, Devin Logan, and Maggie Voisin will compete. Maggie’s had a long road to recovery following ACL surgery last year. However, in her first competition back from injury at X Games Aspen, she proved she was back in prime form competing in big air and earning the bronze medal in slopestyle. 

In halfpipe, double-Olympic gold medalist David Wise, Lyman Currier, Taylor Seaton, Hunter Hess, Birk Irving, and Aaron Blunck will lead the way for the U.S. Freeski Pro Team. Aaron is coming off a silver medal performance at X Games Aspen and will be looking to carry that momentum into the Mammoth pipe. 

Members of the women’s U.S. Freeski Pro Halfpipe Team set to compete include Devin Logan and Brita Sigourney. Brita will be looking for her second Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix podium of the season after earning second-place in Copper. Also. U.S. Rookie Team athlete Hanna Faulhaber is set to drop in following a bronze medal performance in her last competition at the Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne, Switzerland, less than two weeks ago. 

The U.S. Snowboard Slopestyle Team is also bringing an all-star roster to the table including Olympic silver medalist Kyle Mack, Ryan Stassel, Luke Winkelmann, Lyon Farrell, and Judd Henkes. Judd will be looking to ride his way into the top-three after earning second place at the 2019 Mammoth Grand Prix.

For the women, pro team members Julia Marino, Hailey Langland, and Jamie Anderson are ready to compete. Jamie remained podium perfect at X Games last week with a gold medal in snowboard slopestyle. Jamie has gone 15 for 15 winning medals at every slopestyle competition she has entered at X Games. Jamie heads into Thursday’s qualifier as the favorite in the field. 

In halfpipe, the U.S. Snowboard Pro Team’s own Chase Blackwell, Chase Josey, Toby Miller, Jake Pates, Ryan Wachendorfer and Taylor Gold will take to the pipe. Taylor has added a double Michalchuk 1080 to his arsenal, but he’s only landed it once in World Cup competition at the 2020 Laax Open to take third place. If he can put it down at Mammoth, there’s no doubt he will be a podium contender. 

For the women, U.S. Team riders and Mammoth locals Maddie Mastro and Tessa Maud will be looking to put on a show in front of their hometown crowd. 

“I am so excited to be returning to my home mountain for this next contest,” said Tessa. “I love riding in Mammoth. The vibes are always so positive here. The Mammoth Grand Prix is special to me because I grew up watching this event and I am happy to be competing at home. My goals for this contest are to place top-ten and also put a great run down.”

The Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix at Mammoth always boasts an incredible slopestyle course and halfpipe thanks to the famed Unbound Terrain Park crew. There is a stacked international field ready to drop in, so don’t miss your chance to catch it live at Mammoth or tune in to catch all the action. 


First feature: Gap to down rail, 40’ down rail
Second feature: Flat down 8” rail, down flat down 8” rail
Third feature: 40’ rainbow rail, 15’ lift tower pole jam
Fourth feature: Two 45’ transitions jumps. 15’ tall, cut using 22’ Zaugg
Fifth feature: 54’ jump
Sixth feature: 64’ jump

600 ft. in length
18 Degree Inclination


Men’s Freeski Slopestyle
Colby Stevenson - Pro
Alex Hall - Pro
Kiernan Fagan - Pro
Nick Goepper - Pro
Willie Borm - Pro
Deven Fagan - Rookie
Cody LaPlante - Rookie
Hunter Henderson - Rookie
Tim Ryan - American
Peter Raich - American
Ryan McElmon - American
Ryan Stevenson - American

Women’s Freeski Slopestyle
Maggie Voisin - Pro
Devin Logan - Pro
Caroline Claire Pro
Grace Henderson - Rookie
Rell Harwood - Rookie
Marin Hamill - Rookie

Men’s Freeski Halfpipe
Aaron Blunck - Pro
David Wise - Pro
Birk Irving - Pro
Taylor Seaton - Pro
Lyman Currier - Pro
Hunter Hess - Pro
Jaxin Hoerter - Rookie
Cassidy Jarrell - Rookie
Sammy Schuiling - Rookie
Connor Ladd - Rookie
Hunter Carey - Rookie
Dylan Ladd - Rookie
Lennon Vaughan - American
Cameron Brodrick - American
Aaron Durlester - American
Tristan Feinberg - American 

Women’s Freeski Halfpipe
Brita Sigourney - Pro
Devin Logan - Pro
Hanna Faulhaber - Rookie
Abigale Hansen - Rookie
Riley Jacobs - American
Jeanee Crane-Mauzy - American

Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle

Ryan Stassel - Pro
Kyle Mack - Pro
Luke Winkelmann - Pro
Sean FitzSimons - Pro
Lyon Farrell - Pro
Judd Henkes - Pro
Jake Canter - Rookie
Dusty Henricksen - Rookie
Will Healy - American
Storm Rowe - American
Dave Retzlaff - American

Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle
Jamie Anderson - Pro
Hailey Langland - Pro
Julia Marino - Pro
Courtney Rummel - Rookie
Ty Schnorrbusch - Rookie
Jade Thurgood - Rookie
Makayla Kellogg - American
Isabella Gomez - American

Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe
Taylor Gold - Pro
Chase Josey - Pro
Toby Miller - Pro
Jake Pates - Pro
Ryan Wachendorfer - Pro
Chase Blackwell - Pro
Jason Wolle - Rookie
Jack Coyne - Rookie
Lucas Foster - Rookie
Kolman Lecroy - American
Joshua Bowman - American

Women’s Snowboard Halfpipe
Maddie Mastro - Pro
Tessa Maud - Rookie
Kaili Shafer - American
Athena Comeau - American
Alexandria Simsovits - American
Kinsley White - American
Zoe Kalapos - American


Wednesday, Jan. 29 - Slopestyle Qualifiers
Thursday, Jan. 30 - Halfpipe Qualifiers 
Friday,  Jan. 31 - Slopestyle Finals
Saturday, Feb. 1 - Halfpipe Finals

Wednesday, Jan. 29 - Halfpipe Qualifiers
Thursday, Jan. 30 - Slopestyle Qualifiers 
Friday,  Jan. 31 - Halfpipe Finals
Saturday, Feb. 1 - Slopestyle Finals

Subject to change
All times EST
*Same-day delayed broadcast
** Next-day broadcast

Friday, Jan. 31

12:30 p.m. - Men and women’s slopestyle, Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix, Mammoth, Calif. - NBCSN,, NBC Sports Gold.

Saturday, Feb. 1
4:00 p.m. - Men and women’s halfpipe, Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix, Mammoth, Calif. - Olympic, NBC Sports Gold

Sunday, Feb. 2
3:00 p.m. - Men and women’s halfpipe, Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix, Mammoth, Calif. - NBC**

Friday, Jan. 31

4:00 p.m. - Men and women’s halfpipe, Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix, Mammoth, Calif. - NBCSN,, NBC Sports Gold

Saturday, Feb. 1
1:00 p.m. - Men and women’s slopestyle, Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix, Mammoth, Calif. - NBCSN,, NBC Sports Gold
5:00 p.m. - Men and women’s halfpipe, Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix, Mammoth, Calif. - NBC**
11:30 p.m. - Men and women’s halfpipe, Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix, Mammoth, Calif. - NBCSN**

Note: All televised events to stream across, NBC Sports app,, and Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA app, Exclusive commercial-free coverage will be available for subscribers of the NBC Sports Gold Pass, available here: