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Snowboard L100 and L200

Snowboard Level 100 and 200 Coach Certification

PRE-REQUISITES:  In order to be certified as a Level 100 Coach, the following requirements must be met.  

  • Current U.S. Ski & Snowboard Coach Membership – required annually
  • Current Background Screening - required every two years
  • Current SafeSport or SafeSport Refresher – required annually
  • Completion of Coaching Fundamentals –  This course consists of 5 non-sport-specific online modules and is required for any new coach member without a certification. 
  • Introduction to Avalanches Course - required for all members 18+

TO ACCESS THE COURSE: (after all pre-requisites have been met)

Step 1 - Sign In to MY.USSKIANDSNOWBOARD.ORG with your current membership username and password.

Image removed.

Step 2 - Select the Coaches Education Tab in the MY.USSKIANDSNOWBOARD toolbar.

Step 3 - Register for Level 100 or 200 Course Click the RED REGISTRATION BUTTON at the bottom of your screen

Step 4 - You will pay $160.00 for the level 100 or $380.00 for the level 200 online course and in-person assessment

Please email the Sport Education Department if you have any

Snowboard Level 100

The purpose of this course is to prepare you to effectively develop Phase 1 and 2 athletes in your program. To start the process, you will select the location of your on-snow coaching assessment and upload verification of your pre-requisites which include your first aid/CPR certificate and your concussion certificate. Next, you will revisit the Coaching Fundamentals Modules from a deeper perspective than you did when you completed this requirement to become a U.S. Ski & Snowboard coach member. Then, you will review a set of Sport Specific Modules where you will learn about the equipment, technique, tactics, and competition knowledge and skills required of a Level 100 coach. Through this course, you will also begin building your coaching portfolio that you will continue to develop as you progress through our coach development pathway. 

Once these components are complete, you will attend an on-snow coaching assessment in a location of your choosing where you will review the fundamental technical and tactical aspects of ski coaching. During the on-snow assessment, you will also be assessed on your ability to teach, demonstrate, and analyze several fundamental skiing skills. Upon successful completion of the on-snow assessment, you will complete a course survey and obtain your Level 100 Coach Certificate. 

We are excited to have you embark on your coach certification pathway. Your investment in creating a coaching standard is ensuring that all of our athletes receive the best training experiences and outstanding support during competitions. Thank you for helping U.S. Ski & Snowboard achieve our vision to be Best in the World in Skiing and Snowboarding!

This section provides a summary of your course experience and outlines the activities that you will complete as you navigate through the course.

The Pre-Meeting Webinar: Coach developers will complete the following items during the pre-meeting webinar:

  1. Check in all candidates
  2. Introductions, welcome, overview
  3. Review expectations, grading rubrics, and criteria for candidate evaluations. 
  4. Review content from eLearning modules (both Coaching Fundamentals and Sport Specific Content) 
  5. Conduct a content review to check for understanding
  6. Review plans for the on-snow one coaching assessment (See Itinerary)

Step 1: On-Snow Coaching Assessment Sign-Up, First Aid/CPR and Heads Up Concussion Course Confirmation: In this step, you will register for the location of your on-snow coaching assessment and upload your certificates to verify that you have completed both your First Aid/CPR and Heads Up Concussion training. ON-SNOW ASSESSMENT CALENDAR

Step 2: In this step, you will take another look at the Coaching Fundamentals course, only this time, you will look at this information through the lens of a L100 coach. You will now apply your understanding of the content to answer a series of questions in a portfolio to develop an understanding of how to utilize this information within your coaching role.

The Portfolio: Reach out to your coach developer if you run into trouble creating your portfolio posts.

Step 3: Here, you will dive into the sport specific content that covers the equipment, technique, tactics, competition, and venue safety elements of your coaching role and responsibilities.

Step 4: This step provides you with the study guide and exam covering the Coaching Fundamentals and Sport Specific content provided in this course. You must pass this exam with a 70% or higher.

Step 5: Here, you will review the itinerary for the on-snow coaching assessment and the grading rubrics that provide the information on how you will be evaluated during this experience. It is important to note here that it is highly recommended that you get out and practice these skills before delivering them in front of your coach developer. PLEASE SEE On-Snow ITINERARY HERE

Step 6: This step provides the course feedback survey and the course certificate. We have made the course feedback form a mandatory activity because it is important to us to know what you enjoyed from this course experience and what you think that we can do to improve.

Post-Meeting Webinar: Coach developers will also lead a post assessment webinar wrap up with the coach candidates that successfully completed the in-person one-day evaluation. Coach developers are expected to complete the following items during this wrap up session:

  1. Review course content to check for retention.
  2. Point candidates to the forum to continue to connect with the community.
  3. Provide time for a Question and Answer session.
  4. Introduce the L200 course and encourage coaches to continue their education and enroll in the next course when they are ready to engage.


Snowboard Level 200

The new Snowboard Level 200 course is almost finished and will be available in February of 2023!